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Security Solutions - Tamper Evidence

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You spend years of hard work developing your products. Protect your valuable investment with security labeling.  Help your customers feel confident that the product they are buying is real and not counterfeit.


Incorporate technologies into your packaging such as holography, tamper evidence and serialization. Supported by tools to gather tracking data, we can create labels and flexible packaging that are engineered to boost the credibility of your brand.


Hundreds of companies have begun to use security labeling to improve their sales and protect against the liability that counterfeit products expose good honest brands like yours.


Our tailor made security strategies can be incorporated into your primary, secondary and in most cases, in a multifaceted layered approach. Creating a robust security program will help keep your products safe, secure, reliable, and trusted by consumers everywhere.


Foilflex can help develop a security program that balances cost with security considerations to find solutions that fit your level of need.


The consequences of security failure are high in terms of cost, damage to a brand image, and loss of consumer-confidence.


It costs pennies to add these features but the benefits enhance consumer confidence and reinforce the quality and authenticity of your brand 


Solution Strategies: 

The best solutions come from choosing each component for its unique function in the context of your security strategy.


Visual differentiation: 

Holography can include overt and covert identifiers including microtext, text or images that are only visible under laser, or that can only be seen at a specific angle of view. “The lesson is that you need multiple approaches, and holograms are the first step; it’s an overt cue for consumer confidence.” says Stephen Polinsky, cofounder/ pharmaceutical practice leader of GenuOne Inc. (Boston)


Color-shifting inks and interference ink technologies have been developed for watermark and overlay. This technology, used by the federal government on banknotes, is now a valuable addition to packaging security.



Substrates, adhesives and release layers can be combined to show evidence of tampering. These tamper-evident and tamper-resistant layers can have varying levels of destructibility and make tampering clear to consumers.



Covert taggents are generally viewable by some form of viewer or reader. Some are only viewable by exposure to infrared, laser or blacklight. Innovative taggents that are forensically undetectable deliver a new level of security