FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

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High Quality, Consistant Product Run to Run, Reliable Delivery.

When you’re shopping for food, the products you are most likely to buy are the products with such great visual appeal you can almost taste them.


We can help create packaging as appealing as your product. We understand there are regulations that are ever-changing, let us help navigate around the challenges of the food/produce industry and create a path to success.


FoilFlex has the capabilities to promote your product in an environmentally and socially responsible process. Our clean press environment, FDA approved substrates and coatings, knowledge of specialized adhesives, all allow us to assist you in choosing the right combination for your needs. With clarity and brilliance, your products will exude confidence and consistency to your consumers while maintaining their loyalty to your brand.

Packaging for Food, Produce and Bakery Applications


Packaging Types

For Food, Produce and Bakery Applications

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