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FoilFlex Products Inc. © 2013  | PRIVACY POLICY

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Provide the Convenience of Unit Dose Packaging for your Customers At Home or on the Go

For some products, a label is not enough. From shampoos to flower seeds, a foil pouch or sachet is the best way to maintain a big impact in a smaller package. Typically used as a single-serving quantity, these packages are durable and provide a great barrier to moisture and oxygen. Take your products to the ultimate level of convenience with pocket sized, individual servings or doses, zip closure options, a wide variety of flexible materials, and gloss or soft touch finishes can really enhance your products and the customer’s experience.


Foil Pouch, Sachets, bags, unit dose packaging; single dose packaging gives you the ability to sell you product for a higher price point and satisfy a growing need for convenience.  Consumers are constantly looking for easier ways to use products like vitamins, medical products, hair care products and supplements. Unit packaging like pouches and stick packs offer consumers an easy way to use your products at home or on the go.  


In medical application and hospital use, unit dose packaging is the only way to minimize waste associated with products that have a limited window of use.  FoilFlex manufactures millions of unit dose packages every year for medicated cleansers, creams and lotions and medications.

Foil Pouches and Sachet, Unit Dose Packaging

Industries That Can Benefit from Foil Pouches and Sachets


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